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Distinctive Lodges
From our families to you.
The Distinctive Lodges of Northern Minnesota are tucked away in the unparalleled natural beauty of the great Minnesota North. Individually family owned and operated, together they share a commitment to providing you with a vacation that will become part of your family’s story for generations.

Pure Vacation
A pure experience. That’s exactly what we offer.
And that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

In today’s increasingly harried world, the opportunities to stop, catch your breath, and find balance are become increasingly rare. Fortunately, Minnesota’s family owned resorts exist to provide just such a haven to you and your family.

At our resorts, there are no corporate policies. No shareholders. No outside pressures. Instead, you’ll experience hospitality that was born from a simple dream and nurtured over generations of family ownership.

You’ll reconnect with the best part of you. During your stay, you’ll find your relationships with those you love becoming reawakened, deepened and strengthened. Your sense of wonder will be rekindled as you partake in everyday adventures that will stir your soul.

Your stay at one of Minnesota’s Distinctive Lodges will be marked by a familiarity that truly comes from the heart. You’ll notice an attention to detail uncommon in today’s plastic vacation destinations. You’ll feel the sense of pride that the owner’s and staff take in making sure every guest enjoys not just a vacation but a pure Northern Minnesota experience.

It’s time you brought your family to meet the families of Minnesota’s Distinctive Lodges. The memories you make here will last a lifetime.